About LDiS

Lithuanian Designers’ Society (LDS) is an organization of art creators, Limited Liability Company and public legal entity. It is an association, on a self-sufficiency base unifying art creators-designers, accepted as art creators by Republic of Lithuania Law on Status of Art Creators and their Organizations.  LDS serves the purpose to meet and implement common creative requirements as well as aims of its members.
LDS was established on 16th of October, 1987, aiming to consolidate designers working in companies of Lithuanian industries, seeking to look to design’s ideas and information dissemination among society members, to strengthen the role of design in a way of harmonized and aesthetically rich human environment creation.

Proficient designers, graduated mostly from Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts, were welcomed to LDS since its establishment. The Society was invited to Design Association in Baltic Countries (nowadays not active) in 1990 and it gained contacts with other organizations of different regions.

LDS is a member of Lithuanian Art Creators’ (organizations) Association since 2001. The status of Art Creators’ organization was gained in 2004.

The Society became a member of International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (Icsid) and International Design Alliance (IDA) in 2007.

Today LDS gives voice for professional design.

Some rudiments of design may be fixed in Lithuania even in the late years of nineteenth century. It was tractate by K. Podčašinskis “About Beauty of Industry”. Craftsmen of Vilnius exhibited furniture in style of modern near the historical pieces at the Vilnius furniture and fabrics exhibition in 1900. Design was a part of study program of K aunas School of Fine arts in twenties and thirties. Famous lecturers of School were A. Smetona, S. Ušinskas, J. Mikėnas and others. Some pieces of furniture as well as interior were designed by P. Rimša, V. K. Jonynas, J. Prapuolenis and others.
Design’s development in Lithuania was more active after the Second World War. Evolution of professional design started after establishment of Designing-Construction Bureau in Vilnius in 1957.

Projects of industrial, architectural and graphical design were created by T. Baginskas, F. Daukantas, J. Gerulaitis, T. Kaltenis, V. Kibildis, A. Klimas, J. Malinauskas, A. Varanka and others.

Designers have been trained at Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts (VAFA), Kaunas Faculty of Fine Arts (VAFA), Cathedral of Visual Design in Klaipėda (VAFA), VAFA Department of Arts and Crafts in Telšiai, Šiauliai University .

– To promote personal creative and professional skills development of LDS members;

– To develop design according to national traditions and in a way of forming humanistic environment;

– To support economical development of Republic of Lithuania creating competitive on the international market products and forming State’s design policy.

– Prepares and implements action programs, aiming to create Lithuanian material culture as one of expressions of spiritual culture;

– Collects and disseminates information about design, organizes competitions, exhibitions, conferences and other events, informs public and businessmen about activities of designers, organizes business contacts, educate aesthetic culture of consumers;

– Attends to the participation of their members at events, competitions, conferences, cultural centres, other creative missions;

– Announces competitions of creations and works, establishes awards for creations, creative activity;

– Proposes the best creations by members of LDS for national awards of Republic of Lithuania and others;

– Co-operates with Lithuanian and abroad organizations.